Friday, August 6, 2010

Enjoying the Rains...

It was raining from the last few days in Pune... and Pune Beeing a city Sourrounded by Hills and water bodies, becomes really beautiful in rains... The clouds come very near to the Him of ourresidence building and seems that if we have few More floors, we could be on the clouds..
I live @ Warje, which is in south of the city, Near to Pune- Mumbai Haighway, and usually at the exterior part of the city, it rains more...

Now a days, It's been a regular Schedule to Soak in rains, while leaving for the Evening classes.
I leave the Bus about 2 Kms from My class, so that I can enjoy the rains..

Listening to the Old romantics, The rain seems to be more beautiful than it really is.
Walking in rain is a really awesome feeling to have.. Specially this year, Just feels that others are Just getting wet..

Its really awesome to see peoples running here and there for shelter, But for me, Its just one another way, to feel, that Life is beautiful!