Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Lite Lo" ~ humor to chill~

यदि अन्ना की शादी हो गई होती तो यह आंदोलन कभी न होता। क्योंकि, तब मामला कुछ ऐसा होता-
1. कहां जा रहे हो ?
2. अकेले तुम्हें ही पड़ी है अनशन में जाने की
3. ये केज़रीवाल का साथ छोड़ो
4. वो बाल कटी वाली लड़की कौन है ? बार-बार बगल में आकर बैठती है
5. शाम तक आ जाओगे न ?
6. पहुंचते ही फोन करना...वगैरह वगैरह..
7. बिजली के बिल देने के पैसे नहीं हैं और आप लोकपाल बिल ले आए हो
8. ये केज़रीवाल तुम्हें मरवाएगा
9. मुन्ना के लिए दो चार फ्री की टोपी ले आना
10- कल मुन्ने के स्कूल मे पैरेंट्स मीटिंग है .

Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Anna of Facebook" (Catchy Humor)

"Manmohan Singh" wrote on "Anna Hazare's" wall...
"Corruption ka nasha pyare, nasha sabse nashila hai...
Jise dekho yaha woh, corruption ki baarish mai geela...
Politics ke naam pe karte, sabhi ab bhrasht leela hain....

"Anna Hazare" commented, ---
"that is what ma whole campaign is about..."

"Baba Ramdev" liked Anna's comment, and commented, ---
"Mai karu toh saala character dheela hai..." :-P

Friday, August 19, 2011

Anna Ki Aandhi - "India Against Corruption"

From three days, If You turn the News On, which I usually does after dinner time, Its all about anna, Lokpal, and his Followers..
Amazed to see the 'Ekta on this Issue... Wondering if Its a Revolution, or Just a 'Bhed -chal'

'No Offences to Anna's War against corruption, And all those who are following him,

But What we have watched on TV yesterday, is Pathetic, I think We got Stuck in TV Promoted Hike..
TV channel shows College Gooing students and small Kids, Who Said that they Bunked school and colleges to support anna....

All the Ministers and other Political leaders getting an Opportunity to throw Stones on each Other..
I think they need to ask questions to themselves Before wearing a "Mai Bhi anna" Cap....

what Lokpal Bill Is..?
How many of Us know what is the Procedure to make a Law in India,
What makes Govt's Lokpal different from What anna's bill, and
How is this Bill going to help fight corruption! Is it feasible?

Considering the "Making of Law" Practice in Indian Republic, Will Anna's "drafted" Lokpal Bill, Get an approval By the Parliament committee of the assembly... and If it Survives,
Is Lokpal Bill feasible at ground level, Just Imagine A 'traffic hawaldar' stops You, at a signal, How can Lokpal Help You get him away, Or Can Lokpal Help People Get Police verification done WIthout Bargaining with Police.....

I think more than 80 % Of peoples dont have any answers to the above question, and that Includes Me!
So If we get answer to this question, then only, I think we are in a Position to support anna Ji! Blind support is a Waste!

With No Personal Offence to anna Ji and Followers I wish All Of Us a Best of luck for a "Corruption - Free India"

Read More-- Here

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Conversation with Amaan Khan

Mr. Amaan Khan

A Famous Dancer, Choreographer, Theater Artist, from Bhopal.
He had Choreographed many Shows, Including the 'Opening and Closing ceremony of Doha National Games' and Worked with Shiamak Davar.

Here is the conversation with Him, On July Tuesday, 26, 2011.

Amaan Ji, Please do tell us something about yourself and Your work?

Born and brought up in bhopal-city of lakes:-). Studied in, ankur, campion and all saints. I hail from a family, which is a hardcore Muslim family with so many kids mashallah :-), and I m the youngest among all. Since birth I was keen towards dancing..after so many advertisements and shows and one movie in childhood, I decided to make career in this field only.

As far as my work is concern, currently I am working as business development executive in an telecom and IT company based in muscat, Oman.also associated with indian fine arts association in oman.

Please tell us, what does dancing and Performing arts mean to you?

for me dancing is the most expressive form of moves your body into luminous fluidity,and surrender it

to the inspiration of soul.

What form of dances you are ‘in’ to?

Salsa, hip hop, indo western.

Tell Us something about your accomplishments..

Acted in a movie-ek saans zindagi- directed by basu bhattacharya .and won best foreign movie award in brazil.

-have done couple of shows in mumbai..and "advrtisement" for frooti..
- have also "choreographed" 2006 asian games in Doha. Qatar. And was only indain chooreographer who was awarded by king of qatar his majesty AL thani.

How was the Journey throughout and what challenges you face in this.?

well I believe in the quote.. Try try try until u succeed.. I never give up easily..initially I was not taken sereously by my family.. And like I said before..I had to face many criticism and leg pulling from my was a time when I was told to move out from my college beacause of less attendance.from my family,as a student I was not allowed to take this hobby as a career....
I had to prove my folks with my achievment so that they will allow me to continue.. It was a tuff time... But now I am here.. :-) answering ur questions on my favourite social page.and sharing my secrets to my city...wat else I could ask for..:-)

What is your major source of inspiration?

my family... Initially they didn't like it.. But when they knew that this kid got something in him.. Then they supported me like anything:-)

How did you come across the opportunity to perform for Basu Bhatacharya Ji?

There is a very intresting story related to my first break in this field..It is an intresting incident which happened with me when I was eleder brother was working as relationship agent for environmental movies and ol, and one fine day when I suddenly came from school he told me that call all your heighted firends as I have to take them for screen test of a movie..
I was not asked to come bcz I was not as tall as it was required for the I cld up all my all friends forced me to come along as they were so shy.. And not comfortable going at the time of screening.. I was sitting behind the director, Mr bhattacharya. And just tryng to help my friends to learn and paraphrase the dialogues..

That time he selected me for the lead role:-) and my friend got selected for the 2nd lead:-) shooting for the movie was fun:-)

As You have worked in “Bharat Bhawan” Let us know what facilities Govt is providing to the artists and is the community happy with what being offered to You guys?

well, no comments but its never too late, they can start giving some basic fascilities to artists.What are your future goals with dance?most probably I will be having my dance restaurents soon.. 'Dance restaurent' sounds strange na?hhehehe I know.. But it would be like a restaurent.. Whatever is ur necessity.m that will be in my menu!!:-) all forms of dances.. Wait for it..

If feasible, tell us about your typical day.

Well.. Days starts with eraly morning prayers.. Den exercise... 8-6 I am a total corporate person.. I talk business related to IT and telephone. After 6 I am again a chreographer:-)...alternate days I have visits to art insitute.

Bhopal Being a small city as compared to other Metros, What do you think is the Prospects of the

New Artists coming in this field.

Bhopal is not at all a small city.. It is goldmine for artist..whenever I introduce myself as a bhopali in this

industry I always got a pat on my back.... Crediy goes to all the seniors who have done some killing roles in

the industry..for new artist.. I would like to add.. There's not a short cut to success..' Thokar khake thaur

bano' :-)

Places you visit, when you are in Town?

Kaliyasaut dam Is my favourite plave.. As it is near to my house... And I often narrow road near nadir colny shyamla hills.. Its beautiful

Your comments on Bhopal Gas tragedy, and Compensation given..?

It was an unfortunate accident.. Money can never replace the the damage. Though whatever is approved for the victim has to be provided without any hasles.

If u were a t-shirt, what color would u be? Why?

I would be black.. Because write whatever u will write on it, its basic would never get fade..

Who according to you is the best/ Worst dressed man and women in Hollywood / Bollywood ?

Best is -kangna ranaut and arjun rampal,

Worst is - ahhh I really dnt have idea bout it.. But I guess.. Tushar kapoor can work on his attire..

How does u handle change, be it any..?

As they say change is the only permanent thing in the have to handle it positively.. See whatever haPpens it happens for good..have faith.. And u will realise it soon.


Peoples who inspire You.. and why?

My whole family...though they are not some famous personality or someone.. But for me they are my world..I am even isnpired by my youngest niece:-)

What is your bad quality?

I ask so many questions...:-).. And I heard from sources tht ppl dnt like this..

Tell Us something about Your Favorites’-

Book(s)- walk to remember.

TV show (s): friends, sarabhai vs sarabhai

Time pass:driving, and listening sufi tracks

Passion: dance, acting.

Websites: facebook, live wire, google.

Vehicles: audi Q7, and I still luv ma car back home. Maruti esteem:-)

Tell Us about some Best’(s) in Town/ City, Where you Live.

You are Currently Living in: muscat, oman

Best Cuisine there:omani shavarma and omani sausage

Best Hangout Place: qurum, al bustan

Best View you get, when You are at: qurum beach

You Love this City because:its peaceful..:-)

Last but not the Least your message to the Youngsters?

Don't measure a man's success by how high he climbs...but how high he bounces when he hits the bottom... Guys...believe in destiny.. And just put your best.. In even little things u do... Luv u all:-)


We all thank Mr. Amaan Khan, for the time and his inspirational Words..
If You have any Questions for Mr. Amaan,, You can email Him at:


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Growing old is mandatory; But growing up is optional...

While the party is gooin On in the Room, All hostel mates are having fun there way, Iam thinking of the Possibilities and typig this Blog entry!
the Loud Music and Dancing peoples is fun, and thi is the first time, Iam not at Home for the Birthday!

and Just having a thought, that everthing is gooing fine, and suddenly you realise that You are 27!
Have to accomplish many More things and travl a Lot in this life!

So, Just signing off, for a Dance...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bagh, Majhi athvan Yete Ka..

Musadhar Paus, Khidkit Ubhi rahun paha,

Bagh Majhi athwan yete Ka..

Hath Labav, Tadhatha var Jhel Pavsach pani,

Bagh Majhi athwan yete Ka..

Varya ne Udnare Pavsache them, Chehrya Var Ghe..

Dode Mitun ghe, Tallin Ho,

Nahich Janavla Kahi tar Baher Pad..

Samudra war ye, To Udhanlela Aselch,

Panyat Pay Budavun Ubhi rah.. Vadu sarkel Paya Khalun..

Bagh Majhi Athwan yete Ka...

Mag chalu Lag.. Pavsachya aganit suya tochun Ghe,

CHalat raha, Paus thambe paryanta.. to thambnar nahi..

Shevti Ghari ye.. kapde badlu nakos, Kes Pusu Nakos..

Punha tyach Khidkit ye.. Aata, Navrya Chi vaat bagh.. Bagh Majhi athvan yete ka..

Dara var bel Vajel.. dar Ughad, Navra asel..

Tyachya hathatli Bag Ghe, raincoat to swatach Kadhel..

to Vicharel tula tujhyz Bhijlyacha Karan..

Tu mhan Ghar Gadtae..

Mag chaha kar, Tu hi Ghe..

To Uthun 'Pankaj Udhas' Lavel..

Tu to band kar, Kishor Kumar lav..

Bagh Majhi athvan Yete Ka..

Mag ratra Hoeil.. To Tula kushit Gheil.. Mhanel Tu mala avadtes..

Pan Tu hi tasach Mhan..

Vijhancha Kadkadat Hoil.. Dhagancha Gadghadat Hoeil..

to Tya Kushi var Vadel...

Tyachaya Sharira Kade bagh.. bagh Majhi aathvan Yete ka..

Tyanantar Satad dodyanni chappar pahayla Visaru Nako..

ani Baher cha Paus Nustach Aiknyacha Prayatna kar..

Jhopi janya cha Prayatna kar..

Yetya Pavsat ek divas tari.. Bagh Majhi athvan yeti ka......

Source- Song 'pauus datalela' By- Milind Ingle

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Paus ani Bhandan..

While Listening to Music, Came Upto a very Beautiful song- 'Jhada khali basleli' From the Album, 'Garva', By Milind Ingle..

Feel it-

Tyala Paus aavat nahi, Tila Paus avadto..
Dhag datun alyavar to, Tichya Tavdit sapadto..

Mi tula avadte, Pan paus avdat nahi..
Asla tujh Ganit kharacch, Mala Kadat nahi..

Paus mhanje Chikkhal sara.. Maus mhanje Margad,
Paus mhanhe Gaar wara, Paus Mhanje Hirvad!

Paus kapde kharab karto, Paaus Vaitag-Vadi..
Paus Mhanje Bhiji Paywaat, Paus mhanje Zadi!

Paus Rengadlele Kaama...Paus mhanje sutti, Ugacch..
Pavsa madhe Gupchup Nishtun Man jaun baste Dhagaat..

Dar varshi Paaus yeto, Dar warshi asa Hota..
Pavsa warun Bhandan houn Lokaan madhi hasa hOta

Paus tyala avdat nasla tari, Ti tyala avadte..
Pavsa sagat avadavi ti..mhanun ti hi jhagadte..

Rusun mag ti nighun jate, Bhijat rahte Pavsat..
Tyacha- Ticha Bhandan asa, Olya chimb divsat!

Ajeeb tarha se nakaam rahay hum dono..
Wo mujhe chah na saka, main use bhola na saka....

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mad Weekends.. "Kille Rajgadh" Trekk!

According to plan we all Woke Up at 6 on the Beautiful Sunday Morning, and geared Up for the Trip, But it was raining since Last Night!
So Switched to Plan 'B' i.e. Trip to "Kille Rajgadh". We started at 8.00 Am on our Bikes and on the Highway enjoyed the tunnels, Clouds and smooth road!

Reached at the base of the Mountain range around 9.40 AM and after Breakfast, We Picked Up the Toughest way to Uphill, i.e. the "Chor darwaza" and we all started the trekk at 10.30.

The Way to Uphill, was smooth upto 1.5 Kms, and then it started challenging us, by getting narrower and slippery. to add On we had Huge rocks on one side and Step Valley on the Other side.. So keeping Our eyes Open wide and foot firm in the Slippery Red soil, we Moved on!

Almost after 3 Kms, We had Our first Break and clicked few snaps of the Clouds on the Other Mountain. The Clouds appears soo Beautiful and Calm, and then It started raining... Adding difficulty to the way Uphill, But it was Not much against the "Buland Irade" of the Trekking Freaks!

We geared Up and Moved. and after few Kms, we had the First view of the Hill, where the Killa was situated! we were really amazed to see the heights, and on the Other side scared of the way to the Uphill!

Two of Our fellow trekkers Backed off and decided to stay where we were! But all the Others were mad enough to start again!
And after 40 Mins, Of slipping, Falling and Clicking, we Reached to the Chor darwaza of the Fort!
There was a sense of Satisfaction, that we were successfully able to make it, safe and Sound! But again at the same time, there was a thought in the Pia matter, somewhere That "Chadh to gaye, ab Utarenge kaise.. :P" as trekking Uphill we were facing the Hill But we had to face the Valley when we return!

With all this in mind, we Entered the chor darwaza and forget everyhthing.. It was so very Awesome and Cool! The clouds, Ponds, and breeze.. Ahhh! Still feeling the calmness!

and after a typical Maharashtrain Cuisine "Pithla-Bhakar" we Moved towards the main Hill, where Balle Killa Was situated! It was the Most dangerous 2Kms of Trekk! But we all made it safely and Enjoyed a Lot at the Top Most Point of the Hill and The Fort!

While returning, We had Goose Bumps, But we remembered the Old concept "Dar lage to Gana Ga" and we followed it, and It worked! though it was annoying for other Peoples, :P But We were Not intrested in anything except Us, getting Down, Safe and Sound. and We all made it

It was So fun and Adventurous, Thrilling trip I ever had!

Monday, July 11, 2011

12 July 1961 – Black Day!

It was A Black day in the History of Pune, when the Panshet Dam collapsed Due to heavy rains.
This day will day will remain forever etched in Pune’s history. A day that changed the history and geography of this great city. Call it a bad coincidence – but two events that happened almost exactly 200 years apart have played a critical role in Pune’s history – to the extent that they have been added to the local Marathi lexicon. The first one was the 3rd Battle of Panipat in 1761 and the second one: the Panshet flood. “पानिपत झालं” (Panipat zala) and “पानशेत झालं” (Panshet zala) are commonly used terms today to refer to a big disaster.

Half a century ago, the new under-construction Panshet dam had started developing some problems, even before it was complete. Against some recommendations, the dam was being filled up during the 1961 monsoon season. Cracks started developing and yet there was lot of debate on whether the dam was in real imminent danger.

The floods completely cutoff the electric and water supply. July 12th was a dark, rainy night in Pune – with rumors still doing the rounds. Some of them pointed to more floods on the way… (even though the dams had been drained empty by then..).

When the flood-waters receded, they left behind a trail of destruction and a muddy mess. The cleanup and rebuilding took many months. The old riverside city landscape changed forever.
New localities (such as Lokmanya Nagar, Gokhale Nagar, etc.) were setup to resettle some of the flood affected citizens. Most of the bridges were damaged and needed fixing and in some cases complete rebuilding.

With Khadakwasla and Panshet dams completely drained, there was no water supply for the city. The Peshwa era Katraj water aqueduct was used to meet some water requirements. Wells were another source. Wadas that had wells had to prominently list ‘Well’ on their main door – so that, the water source could be be made available.

Watch the Orignal Vider Here

Read More Below-

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Weekend Planing

It was few hectic week, after the training started, and all the Peoples are Exhausted, and Need a Break, from Accounts, Financials, and Admin Setting, So Just planing for an awesome weekend at 'Lonavala' an awesome Hill station Between Mumbai and Pune.

Herd a Lot about it, and also day dreamed about this place many times, But this is the time where all that is gooing to happen.
Had a peak of it in a very short trip, almos 2 Hours with arun and Dinu, But now it is gooing to be a full On trip..

Many thanks to the mates at Pune, Who are sporting enough o get the Plan and the trip going.!
Thanks friends..
So almost donw with the planing stuff and If all Goes well, We will left for the on saturday Morning....

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Badle Din..

My dear "30th Of last month"... Why are you sot the same as you were before few days..
earlier, We use to have fun after few successive days..
We use make new plans..
We Use to Get Naughty, when You come..
We used to review the Bucket- list's and Implement them, which were made in the last week of month..
we use to wait for you, eagrly... But now a days, Noticed that I have forgotten You..

Please Come back to My life.. I want that sweet 30th Of last Month, Back!
Please Be Mine, again..

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stanley Ka Dabba!

Few Days back, Watched the Movie "Stanley ka Dabba" The story was about a Boy named Stanley, Who was Lonely at the school!
The story also feature about a Teacher, Who always ate the Students tiffin Boxes!

Just had a feeling that, At this Point of time, "That" teacher is waking Up.. I am Hungry, and feeling just like that teacher, Thanks to Our "Dabbe wala" who brings the tiffin around 10.15..

I think the "Dabbe wala" is Here.. :P Time to Go! :P

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Better Bosses! Men Or Women.. (Nice Article)

There is a well Known Belief, that Men makes Better Bosses than Women...

There are two facets to the issue – the fact that women have an exerting authority and the problem people have in accepting that authority. “While some people like to get into the nitty-gritty of the deliverables, others prefer to delegate tasks and entrust work to the team members. And this depends primarily on the personality of the boss and not gender.

Exerting control at work is definitely a matter of attitude, not gender and attitude comes from self-confidence. In fact, today our male counterparts recognise the talent that we bring to a meeting and ‘that talent’ is actually in some way genderbased, as there are some things that only women can bring in. If as women we
believe in our roles and know that we are adding value, exerting control is going to be effortless,” emphasises Reshma Budhia, division head, Corporate Marketing.

Certainly, ability cannot be evaluated with respect to gender. Nevertheless, the bias against women persists in some industries. “It is widely perceived in the industry that female bosses are not good bosses and given lesser respect and are less popular among employees. Across industries whenever female bosses try to exercise control, it is often not wellreceived. They have to constantly soften their leadership style to gain acceptability within the team. If they try to exert control and command respect, they face
tough barriers,” agrees Mridul Shekar, manager – human resource and organisation development, Corbus. She adds, “However, contrary to the perception, female bosses are compassionate, empathetic, patient, detail-oriented and organised.
These qualities give them an edge of being more understanding and tolerable, over their male counterparts.” So, how do we tackle the problem of prejudice against female superiors? “As a maledominated society, the change in employee’s attitude can only come with promoting merit over gender issues. The HR department of the organisation should work towards bridging the gap in the gender disparity within the organisations. One should encourage learning and development for both genders and promote a gender sensitive approach within the organisation.

Apart from this, the male staff should
be inducted to change their attitude towards their female counterparts. In turn, the female managers should be trained on exhibiting themselves as bosses/leaders, irrespective of their gender quotient. They must be less emotional and more logical in their approach,” advises Shekar. Budhia feels that somewhere the problem lies with women themselves as they are not sure of themselves. “A woman employee is no more uncommon and women bosses are present across all roles. We, as women, have to stop trying to constantly prove ourselves just because we are women. Instead, we need to just focus on working hard and achieving results.

This change in our perspective will change our attitude to work and will reflect in the way we communicate with others. The attitude change has to come from us. This will automatically make us successful and eliminate several challenges that are genderrelated,” she says!

Source: TOI

Monday, June 20, 2011

Gud News In Bacchan Family!

Last Nite, When I returned from Office, and Switched the Television On, after Struggling to Get the Remote from My hostel Mates, and Turn on the News. and Got the News that Amitabh bacchan is gonna be a "Dada" (GrandPaa)
Well they were flashing it under their so called "Breaking news" Section.

My heartiest congratulations to Bacchan family.
Read this in His Blog Here

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Now, Dial - A - Doctor

Say goodbye to long waiting lines in hospitals or clinics. Now, when sick, all you need to do is pick up the phone and dial MeraDoctor.

A phone health service, MeraDoctor was launched this April by Dr Ajay Nair, managing director of mHealth Venture India Pvt Ltd. It is the first service in India to offer unlimited phone consultations with a licensed MBBS doctor. The service is available from 8am to 10pm and can be accessed from anywhere in India.

For a sum of Rs300 for a period of three months, MeraDoctor allows up to six members in a family to speak to a doctor over the phone, explain their symptoms and receive medical advice in the form of over-the-counter drugs (details are sent by SMS once the call is completed) or even home remedies. In some cases, when curative advice can’t be given and a physical examination is needed, the doctor will advise the caller on which hospital they can go to and which tests they should get done.

“We encourage them to call us if they don’t understand their test results or what the doctor told them. Our aim is to answer all queries until the caller is satisfied,” explains Nair, who studied medicine at JJ Medical College before heading off to Harvard in the United States to study public health management.

All the doctors at MeraDoctor besides being trained in internationally accepted phone triage protocol, are also taught to offer a friendly ear to each caller. “Some of our calls go on for 45 minutes. We regularly evaluate our doctors on how comfortable they make the patient feel and whether they explain the condition in simple words without jargon, because most doctors don’t do that,” says Nair, who currently has seven doctors working on shifts.

All the doctors are fluent in Hindi, English and Marathi. In addition, every call is recorded to maintain a clinical history of every caller that is referred to the next time s/he calls.

For more information, call 6133 6133 or visit

Source: DNA

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Virtual Desktops...

Desktops allows you to organize your applications on up to four virtual desktops. Read email on one, browse the web on the second, and do work in your productivity software on the third, without the clutter of the windows you're not using. After you configure hotkeys for switching desktops, you can create and switch desktops either by clicking on the tray icon to open a desktop preview and switching window, or by using the hotkeys.

Unlike other virtual desktop utilities that implement their desktops by showing the windows that are active on a desktop and hiding the rest, Sysinternals Desktops uses a Windows desktop object for each desktop. Application windows are bound to a desktop object when they are created, so Windows maintains the connection between windows and desktops and knows which ones to show when you switch a desktop. That making Sysinternals Desktops very lightweight and free from bugs that the other approach is prone to where their view of active windows becomes inconsistent with the visible windows.

Desktops reliance on Windows desktop objects means that it cannot provide some of the functionality of other virtual desktop utilities, however. For example, Windows doesn't provide a way to move a window from one desktop object to another, and because a separate Explorer process must run on each desktop to provide a taskbar and start menu, most tray applications are only visible on the first desktop. Further, there is no way to delete a desktop object, so Desktops does not provide a way to close a desktop, because that would result in orphaned windows and processes. The recommended way to exit Desktops is therefore to logoff.

Tray Desktop Switch Window

Configuration Dialog

Download Desktop from Here

Source: Tech Microsoft

Are 'You' A human..

Visited an E card's website to check on a Greeting send by a friend, and Ended Up answering a Question by 'em..

They want to Know, Am I a Human..?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Badal aur Chand...

Today, while listeing to my Fav Oldies, This song came to the playlist and It was So in resemblance with the whether Outside..
Luving it..   :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This morning was a beautiful, specially after investing hours of hard work in trying to solve One freaking error last night. and It continued to be a gud day as I get all the Money back, from My Roommates and hoste mates.. :P   I think I shuld start rading Horoscopes daily...  :)

The beeing gud of the day continues Until I got the News that all of the Hostel mates and my roommates are gooin Home, today itself, as they had got confirmations on their travel arrangements.

It feels gud when you think that Someone is gooin Home and see their family almost after 4-5 Months. But its a Pain, when you come to know, that "SomeOne" is not you..   Felt bad as got the news that One of my cousin, who stays with me at the Hostel  had also managed to get last minute Reservations, and He is also leaving.

At first time in Life I cursed the "Tatkaal Seva" from Indian Railways.
Anyways, I suggested My brain to Just leave all thoughts apart and try to concentrate on the Mock certification test, which is scheduled tomorrow.

So Again, Iam Alone,   Mai, Aur meri tanhaai..   :|

Monday, June 13, 2011

My First Job..

5th Oct 2010:

It was another same day for others, But for me it was a very special day, cuz that was the first day of my Job... After few days the training started and those were really some of my best days at IBM.. Apart from Learning Process and "How to Handel the users"we had lots of fun.. I cant forget those Games of dumb charades, which in the last days of training was really a necessary part of the schedule.. and also Cant forget Pavni Ch, Trying to explaining and acting for a Hindi Movie title.. Pavni, U rock in dumb charades...

In the Last days of training, really enjoyed Barging with Vadali and Arvind, we were really amazed to see both of them Managing it very well... And Talking About the first day on floor, It was memorable, for one of my best buddies than me.. @ saleem Do you remember My friend.. Still cant stop laughing thinking about that day..

also would like to mention about one person, who had been a great Mentor, From the very first day till today, I'd say through My whole Journey... Thanks, Swati, For each and every Answer you gave, about all kind of funny and irrating questions, Doubts, and finding resolutions and last but not the Least, The "Resets" lol!

Apart from all these funny things and happenings, I'ld like to thank all of you Guys... Ashwin Bhai, Srilaxmi and others who are not available on this Platform... and all others who have helped me.. Thanks A lot friends... t hanks, for all the Knowledge you shared with me, Thanks for the wonderful moments we all spend together...

U all have been a great team..

Will Miss ur company..

Sunday, June 12, 2011

School Chale Hum...

It was a Beautiful Morning today, When I woke Up.. Went downstairs for having cup of tea, and It was really Nice to see Small Kids Lined up @the bus stand, Which is Usually floaded with Boys and Girls from so called "IT Sector". The schools started in Maharashtra.
Usually the schools starts from the first day of July, in Madhya pradesh.

Some of the Kids were too Happy, Some a bit low, as the vacations are gone. I was just amazed to see Small Kids Most probably of Higher KG's. they looks to be more enthusiastic than their senior counterparts.
Also there were Mum's and Dad's, whom "Rani Bitiya" was goin to school for the first time! They were giving her the final Do's and Dont's at the school..

I enjoyed the morning Tea with the Kids and their Vacation Talks, It was Amazing!

Vada Plao Blues

Beeing in Pune is really cool. Feels almost like Home, It was a normal morning as I wake Up and checked mails and Facebook, and switched to News with a coffee Mug.
There was a Bad news, An MLA of Pune, Golden man had passed away.

Felt bad as I searched about him on the web and found that he was a Popular man, amonst the Local peoples. And hence all the shops and markets at this place (Warje, Pune) remains close.
And hence we have to feed upon the Vada Pao..

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Itta Kaiko Yaad Aare Tum.. ?

Itta Kaiko Yaad Aare Tum?
Haula Banake Ghumare Tum.
Kitte Din Hua Apne ko Mil ke....
Kaiko to bi Tadpaare Tum???

Koi Bahaana Karke Kabi Aa Jao Na...
Kahi tho bi Mil Lenge Apan,
Thoda Meri Takleefa ka Khayal Karo yaaron....
Kaiko to bi Tarsaare Tum???

Na Msga Bhejrai N aa Fona Uthare Tum ....
Baahar Milne Ka Naama Tak Nai lere Tum....
Tumaare Nakhre dekh k Lagra....
Hona Bolke Sataare Tum....

Meruku aur Phiraoo Nakko....
Dil ko aur Jalaoo Nakko.....
Khali Pili Draamee Karke....
Kya Taaree Zameen pe Dikhare tum.....

Yaaron Kuch to b bolke Ghar se Baahar Nikloo....
Time Place Phele confirm karloo....
yeh Thursday ku Plan Fix karra....
Ab Kuch bhi nahi suntauoo....  Bus Aaree Tum....