Here You will find my Interactive conversations with some of the Peoples who are famous, and Successful in their domain of work and Some of My very good friends, Whom I came in to contact with a very beautiful page at a popular social networking site, Named "Bhopal- The city of lakes"!

Please go through the email, Chat conversation with the stars below:

Mr. Amaan Khan

A Famous Dancer, Choreographer, Theater Artist, from Bhopal.
He had Choreographed many Shows, Including the 'Opening and Closing ceremony of Doha National Games' and Worked with Shiamak Davar.

Here is the conversation with Him, On July Tuesday, 26, 2011.


Mr. Faisal Mateen

Mr.Faisal Mateen is a renowed name in the field of Fine arts and Creative design.many of his Beautiful creations and His work is Appreciated Through out the world.

Below is the Email conversation with Him, as on Friday, July8, 2011
Born On 27 July, 1968

He is a Gold medalist from Barkatullah University Bhopal
and He is the adminisrator of an art and creative design website Creative Masala

Please do tell me something about yourself and Your work?

Being an artist I have done all kinds of works related to the field. Held 21 Group & Solo Painting Exhibition including Jehagir art Gallery Mumbai, India. And Ruskin Bond (a renewed writer) had expressed his views about his painting.

What is it that makes a Painter different from Other Artists?
The painter expresses himself through his brush, colours and lines which are his medium. The other artists have their own ways of expression.

How was the Journey, and what challenges You face in this.

Academic : M.A. (1990-1991) Barkatullah University Bhopal, MP State, India.
(Gold Medalist & Toper in University)

Subject : Painting & Drawing (Fine arts group) After doing my MA in fine arts, I started my career as an art teacher in the Oak Grove school at Mussoorie Dehradoon (which is one of the most prestigious  schools  in India.), India and while still working there I got an opportunity to serve abroad, example, at Jeddah and Medina I worked for four years as an Senior Graphic designer cum visualizer at Tomar Advertising, Al Medina Saudi Arabia, handling job traffic of our prestigious clients such as  all Saudi govt. Deptt. & Chamber of Commerce and a number of reputed concerns at Medina.  Saudi Arabia where I stayed for a period of six years. After coming back to India I am working in Aadarsh Pvt. Ltd. Bhopal as a senior graphic designer.

Collection of Paintings: Acclaimed a throughout India and abroad like USA, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Singapore. I’m happy to state that my paintings have taken its place in commercial establishments, art gallery and Star Hotels.

Tell Us something about Your "Creative Masala": How did  it started, Who was the Inspiration

the is a web-site which has an online art gallery. It caters to the taste of people belonging to every age group. The things around me inspired me to start it.
            Bhopal Being a small city as compared to other Metros, What do you think is the Prospects of the New Artists coming in this field.
In this connection, it can be said that Bhopal is the Mecca of art and the artists of Bhopal do not in any way leg behind the artists of metros.

Places you visit, when you are in Town?
I prefer to visit the old city which is a great treasure house for the artist and has some thing of the atmosphere of spirituality.

If feasible, tell us about your typical day.Being feasible, I always wish to work with a fresh mind.

Your comments on Bhopal Gas tragedy, and Compensation given..?

The Bhopal gas tragedy was the worst ever disaster which took a heavy tool of life. Though compensation for the losses has been paid it can not be said to be just and equal to the losses suffered by people.

Let us now Discuss some of your favorites -- 

If u were a t-shirt, what color would u be? Why?
White colour being a symbol of peace I always like to wear it

Your Favorite T shirt Quotes is-
All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.”

Who according to you is the best/ Worst dressed man and women in Hollywood / Bollywood ?
“The finest clothing made is a person's skin, but, of course, society demands something more than this. “no comments about dress worst/ best.

If I came to your home and looked inside the refrigerator, what would I find?
Bread, butter and chilled water and well cooked food for sweet children (Maryam, Yusra and Mustafa).

How does u handle change, be it any..?
I shall acclimatize to the new atmosphere.

Peoples who inspire You.. and why?
I feel inspired by those people who do not follow the well-beaten paths and have their own individuality inspire me.

What is ur bad quality?
This can be adjudged only by others.

Tell Us something about Your Favorites’-
 Book(s)- Holy Quran
TV show (s): National Geographic and TLC programmes
Time pass:  Painting, Sketching, and visit historical old houses
Passion: Creative work
Vehicles: Long drive with any vehicles

Tell Us about some Best’(s) in Town/ City, Where you Live..

You are Currently Living in: Bhopal MP, India
Best Cuisine there:  Bhopali qorama
Best Hangout Place:  View from top of the old Fatehgarh fort (Masjid Dhai sidi)
Best View you get, when You are at: VIP road
You Love this City because: This is my birthplace.

Last but not the Least your message to the Youngsters?

My message to the youngsters is that they should not try to choose short cuts to success in the fields they are working. On the other hand, they should devout heart and soul to their work and do it consistently.

We all thank Mr. Faisal mateen, for the time and his inspirational Words..
If You have any Questions for Mr. Mateen, You can email Him at: