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Conversation with Amaan Khan

Mr. Amaan Khan

A Famous Dancer, Choreographer, Theater Artist, from Bhopal.
He had Choreographed many Shows, Including the 'Opening and Closing ceremony of Doha National Games' and Worked with Shiamak Davar.

Here is the conversation with Him, On July Tuesday, 26, 2011.

Amaan Ji, Please do tell us something about yourself and Your work?

Born and brought up in bhopal-city of lakes:-). Studied in, ankur, campion and all saints. I hail from a family, which is a hardcore Muslim family with so many kids mashallah :-), and I m the youngest among all. Since birth I was keen towards dancing..after so many advertisements and shows and one movie in childhood, I decided to make career in this field only.

As far as my work is concern, currently I am working as business development executive in an telecom and IT company based in muscat, Oman.also associated with indian fine arts association in oman.

Please tell us, what does dancing and Performing arts mean to you?

for me dancing is the most expressive form of moves your body into luminous fluidity,and surrender it

to the inspiration of soul.

What form of dances you are ‘in’ to?

Salsa, hip hop, indo western.

Tell Us something about your accomplishments..

Acted in a movie-ek saans zindagi- directed by basu bhattacharya .and won best foreign movie award in brazil.

-have done couple of shows in mumbai..and "advrtisement" for frooti..
- have also "choreographed" 2006 asian games in Doha. Qatar. And was only indain chooreographer who was awarded by king of qatar his majesty AL thani.

How was the Journey throughout and what challenges you face in this.?

well I believe in the quote.. Try try try until u succeed.. I never give up easily..initially I was not taken sereously by my family.. And like I said before..I had to face many criticism and leg pulling from my was a time when I was told to move out from my college beacause of less attendance.from my family,as a student I was not allowed to take this hobby as a career....
I had to prove my folks with my achievment so that they will allow me to continue.. It was a tuff time... But now I am here.. :-) answering ur questions on my favourite social page.and sharing my secrets to my city...wat else I could ask for..:-)

What is your major source of inspiration?

my family... Initially they didn't like it.. But when they knew that this kid got something in him.. Then they supported me like anything:-)

How did you come across the opportunity to perform for Basu Bhatacharya Ji?

There is a very intresting story related to my first break in this field..It is an intresting incident which happened with me when I was eleder brother was working as relationship agent for environmental movies and ol, and one fine day when I suddenly came from school he told me that call all your heighted firends as I have to take them for screen test of a movie..
I was not asked to come bcz I was not as tall as it was required for the I cld up all my all friends forced me to come along as they were so shy.. And not comfortable going at the time of screening.. I was sitting behind the director, Mr bhattacharya. And just tryng to help my friends to learn and paraphrase the dialogues..

That time he selected me for the lead role:-) and my friend got selected for the 2nd lead:-) shooting for the movie was fun:-)

As You have worked in “Bharat Bhawan” Let us know what facilities Govt is providing to the artists and is the community happy with what being offered to You guys?

well, no comments but its never too late, they can start giving some basic fascilities to artists.What are your future goals with dance?most probably I will be having my dance restaurents soon.. 'Dance restaurent' sounds strange na?hhehehe I know.. But it would be like a restaurent.. Whatever is ur necessity.m that will be in my menu!!:-) all forms of dances.. Wait for it..

If feasible, tell us about your typical day.

Well.. Days starts with eraly morning prayers.. Den exercise... 8-6 I am a total corporate person.. I talk business related to IT and telephone. After 6 I am again a chreographer:-)...alternate days I have visits to art insitute.

Bhopal Being a small city as compared to other Metros, What do you think is the Prospects of the

New Artists coming in this field.

Bhopal is not at all a small city.. It is goldmine for artist..whenever I introduce myself as a bhopali in this

industry I always got a pat on my back.... Crediy goes to all the seniors who have done some killing roles in

the industry..for new artist.. I would like to add.. There's not a short cut to success..' Thokar khake thaur

bano' :-)

Places you visit, when you are in Town?

Kaliyasaut dam Is my favourite plave.. As it is near to my house... And I often narrow road near nadir colny shyamla hills.. Its beautiful

Your comments on Bhopal Gas tragedy, and Compensation given..?

It was an unfortunate accident.. Money can never replace the the damage. Though whatever is approved for the victim has to be provided without any hasles.

If u were a t-shirt, what color would u be? Why?

I would be black.. Because write whatever u will write on it, its basic would never get fade..

Who according to you is the best/ Worst dressed man and women in Hollywood / Bollywood ?

Best is -kangna ranaut and arjun rampal,

Worst is - ahhh I really dnt have idea bout it.. But I guess.. Tushar kapoor can work on his attire..

How does u handle change, be it any..?

As they say change is the only permanent thing in the have to handle it positively.. See whatever haPpens it happens for good..have faith.. And u will realise it soon.


Peoples who inspire You.. and why?

My whole family...though they are not some famous personality or someone.. But for me they are my world..I am even isnpired by my youngest niece:-)

What is your bad quality?

I ask so many questions...:-).. And I heard from sources tht ppl dnt like this..

Tell Us something about Your Favorites’-

Book(s)- walk to remember.

TV show (s): friends, sarabhai vs sarabhai

Time pass:driving, and listening sufi tracks

Passion: dance, acting.

Websites: facebook, live wire, google.

Vehicles: audi Q7, and I still luv ma car back home. Maruti esteem:-)

Tell Us about some Best’(s) in Town/ City, Where you Live.

You are Currently Living in: muscat, oman

Best Cuisine there:omani shavarma and omani sausage

Best Hangout Place: qurum, al bustan

Best View you get, when You are at: qurum beach

You Love this City because:its peaceful..:-)

Last but not the Least your message to the Youngsters?

Don't measure a man's success by how high he climbs...but how high he bounces when he hits the bottom... Guys...believe in destiny.. And just put your best.. In even little things u do... Luv u all:-)


We all thank Mr. Amaan Khan, for the time and his inspirational Words..
If You have any Questions for Mr. Amaan,, You can email Him at:


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