Friday, August 19, 2011

Anna Ki Aandhi - "India Against Corruption"

From three days, If You turn the News On, which I usually does after dinner time, Its all about anna, Lokpal, and his Followers..
Amazed to see the 'Ekta on this Issue... Wondering if Its a Revolution, or Just a 'Bhed -chal'

'No Offences to Anna's War against corruption, And all those who are following him,

But What we have watched on TV yesterday, is Pathetic, I think We got Stuck in TV Promoted Hike..
TV channel shows College Gooing students and small Kids, Who Said that they Bunked school and colleges to support anna....

All the Ministers and other Political leaders getting an Opportunity to throw Stones on each Other..
I think they need to ask questions to themselves Before wearing a "Mai Bhi anna" Cap....

what Lokpal Bill Is..?
How many of Us know what is the Procedure to make a Law in India,
What makes Govt's Lokpal different from What anna's bill, and
How is this Bill going to help fight corruption! Is it feasible?

Considering the "Making of Law" Practice in Indian Republic, Will Anna's "drafted" Lokpal Bill, Get an approval By the Parliament committee of the assembly... and If it Survives,
Is Lokpal Bill feasible at ground level, Just Imagine A 'traffic hawaldar' stops You, at a signal, How can Lokpal Help You get him away, Or Can Lokpal Help People Get Police verification done WIthout Bargaining with Police.....

I think more than 80 % Of peoples dont have any answers to the above question, and that Includes Me!
So If we get answer to this question, then only, I think we are in a Position to support anna Ji! Blind support is a Waste!

With No Personal Offence to anna Ji and Followers I wish All Of Us a Best of luck for a "Corruption - Free India"

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