Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mad Weekends.. "Kille Rajgadh" Trekk!

According to plan we all Woke Up at 6 on the Beautiful Sunday Morning, and geared Up for the Trip, But it was raining since Last Night!
So Switched to Plan 'B' i.e. Trip to "Kille Rajgadh". We started at 8.00 Am on our Bikes and on the Highway enjoyed the tunnels, Clouds and smooth road!

Reached at the base of the Mountain range around 9.40 AM and after Breakfast, We Picked Up the Toughest way to Uphill, i.e. the "Chor darwaza" and we all started the trekk at 10.30.

The Way to Uphill, was smooth upto 1.5 Kms, and then it started challenging us, by getting narrower and slippery. to add On we had Huge rocks on one side and Step Valley on the Other side.. So keeping Our eyes Open wide and foot firm in the Slippery Red soil, we Moved on!

Almost after 3 Kms, We had Our first Break and clicked few snaps of the Clouds on the Other Mountain. The Clouds appears soo Beautiful and Calm, and then It started raining... Adding difficulty to the way Uphill, But it was Not much against the "Buland Irade" of the Trekking Freaks!

We geared Up and Moved. and after few Kms, we had the First view of the Hill, where the Killa was situated! we were really amazed to see the heights, and on the Other side scared of the way to the Uphill!

Two of Our fellow trekkers Backed off and decided to stay where we were! But all the Others were mad enough to start again!
And after 40 Mins, Of slipping, Falling and Clicking, we Reached to the Chor darwaza of the Fort!
There was a sense of Satisfaction, that we were successfully able to make it, safe and Sound! But again at the same time, there was a thought in the Pia matter, somewhere That "Chadh to gaye, ab Utarenge kaise.. :P" as trekking Uphill we were facing the Hill But we had to face the Valley when we return!

With all this in mind, we Entered the chor darwaza and forget everyhthing.. It was so very Awesome and Cool! The clouds, Ponds, and breeze.. Ahhh! Still feeling the calmness!

and after a typical Maharashtrain Cuisine "Pithla-Bhakar" we Moved towards the main Hill, where Balle Killa Was situated! It was the Most dangerous 2Kms of Trekk! But we all made it safely and Enjoyed a Lot at the Top Most Point of the Hill and The Fort!

While returning, We had Goose Bumps, But we remembered the Old concept "Dar lage to Gana Ga" and we followed it, and It worked! though it was annoying for other Peoples, :P But We were Not intrested in anything except Us, getting Down, Safe and Sound. and We all made it

It was So fun and Adventurous, Thrilling trip I ever had!

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