Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This morning was a beautiful, specially after investing hours of hard work in trying to solve One freaking error last night. and It continued to be a gud day as I get all the Money back, from My Roommates and hoste mates.. :P   I think I shuld start rading Horoscopes daily...  :)

The beeing gud of the day continues Until I got the News that all of the Hostel mates and my roommates are gooin Home, today itself, as they had got confirmations on their travel arrangements.

It feels gud when you think that Someone is gooin Home and see their family almost after 4-5 Months. But its a Pain, when you come to know, that "SomeOne" is not you..   Felt bad as got the news that One of my cousin, who stays with me at the Hostel  had also managed to get last minute Reservations, and He is also leaving.

At first time in Life I cursed the "Tatkaal Seva" from Indian Railways.
Anyways, I suggested My brain to Just leave all thoughts apart and try to concentrate on the Mock certification test, which is scheduled tomorrow.

So Again, Iam Alone,   Mai, Aur meri tanhaai..   :|


  1. hummmmmmmm,,,,sahi kaha ,,,,
    koi na koi chahaiye pyaar karane wali
    milegi re
    tension maat le ,,,,
    aur kal ke best of luck
    padhai karo

  2. mmhhh...aisa akehlapan rahega tab hi tu asli ...consultant ban payega...

  3. @Garurav: Bas Kuch din aur... :P
    @Neha: Yup.. :)