Monday, June 13, 2011

My First Job..

5th Oct 2010:

It was another same day for others, But for me it was a very special day, cuz that was the first day of my Job... After few days the training started and those were really some of my best days at IBM.. Apart from Learning Process and "How to Handel the users"we had lots of fun.. I cant forget those Games of dumb charades, which in the last days of training was really a necessary part of the schedule.. and also Cant forget Pavni Ch, Trying to explaining and acting for a Hindi Movie title.. Pavni, U rock in dumb charades...

In the Last days of training, really enjoyed Barging with Vadali and Arvind, we were really amazed to see both of them Managing it very well... And Talking About the first day on floor, It was memorable, for one of my best buddies than me.. @ saleem Do you remember My friend.. Still cant stop laughing thinking about that day..

also would like to mention about one person, who had been a great Mentor, From the very first day till today, I'd say through My whole Journey... Thanks, Swati, For each and every Answer you gave, about all kind of funny and irrating questions, Doubts, and finding resolutions and last but not the Least, The "Resets" lol!

Apart from all these funny things and happenings, I'ld like to thank all of you Guys... Ashwin Bhai, Srilaxmi and others who are not available on this Platform... and all others who have helped me.. Thanks A lot friends... t hanks, for all the Knowledge you shared with me, Thanks for the wonderful moments we all spend together...

U all have been a great team..

Will Miss ur company..

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